About four years ago, Sivane Kretchner set out on a journey that will

connect her roots from the home she grew up in through music.

Daughter of a French father and an Israeli mother - Sivane decided

to perform the poetry of one of Israel's greatest poets in French.

When she discovered that his poems had never been translated-

it was like a sign and encouragement to get out to this voyage.

After a successful crowdfunding on HeadStart, Sivane and Ran Bagno,

the musical director of the album, started to work together.

In the translation of Fabian Bergman, Rony Efrat, Colette Salem

and Eli Bijaoui - ten of his most famous poems are given a French

flavor, and are wearing a new form by Ran Bagno’s arrangements. 

And so the album Rendez-vous à jamais was born.

Inspired by the album, the name Sivane, which means "May" on

the Hebrew calendar, was changed to Siv-Anne, and

received its French touch.

"I had a dream to combine my roots together - an Israeli cultural asset on the one hand with the French language on the other, and together becomes a new creation - nostalgic and cross continents."



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Gillham Vineyard

ZOOM concert

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"Rendez-vous à jamais"


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